Have you ever met a teacher that had too much planning and nothing to do?

Me neither.

We fill our planning times and the cracks in between being extremely busy with a litany of time-consuming tasks. That’s why administrators and instructional coaches like myself need to give teachers time to just play around with all of the newest tools in a Tech Sandbox format. Just giving teachers a little time to figure this stuff out can do wonders to building a community of digitally literate educators.

Try it yourself! Dive into the Tech Sandbox with these 5 cool tech tools.

1. Try TodaysMeet

Try TodaysMeet, posted by my “Fake Student” named .Sandbox on my school’s Seesaw PD account.

2. Try Visuwords

Try Visuwords, a visual thesaurus.

3. Try Wordclouds

Try wordclouds, and think about how you could use this to improve student learning

4. Try Making a Chatbot

Try making a Chatbot during your sandbox time

5. Try A Web Whiteboard

How could you use this tool to get kids collaborating and improve student learning?

Did you enjoy your Sandbox Time as much as I enjoyed making it?

If you haven’t already, check out @SGroshell TPT, and follow us on Twitter.

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