My current international school is an extremely forward thinking institution with its heavy emphasis on C21 learning, including blended and personalized learning concepts and ideas. While there are many adopted technologies in our school, such as Seesaw for portfolio and social media use, our school-wide LMS is a Moodle-based platform called KICSLearns. While most people are familiar with Moodle as a learning platform used in universities, there isn’t much out there on using this open-source LMS in elementary schools.

I created a video tour for teachers and parents alike to get a better idea of how Moodle can be used in elementary. I hope you enjoy!

Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 10.07.28 PM.png
A tour of my class’s online learning environment. 

Would this work for your school? As always, thanks for the visit and please keep coming back to! Also, check out our TPT.

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