Who is educationrickshaw?

Educationrickshaw.com is a website by Zach and Stephanie Groshell. Check out our About page here.

What is an “educationrickshaw”?

We don’t really know. We started our teaching in the USA, but we continue to move. Our favorite place was probably Sudan, where there were a lot of rickshaws. The rickshaw represents the ongoing change that we continue to experience both geographically and philosophically as international educators, or something.

Where is educationrickshaw?

We keep moving! Keep up-to-date on our whereabouts by checking out the “We’re Currently Parked in…” widget at the bottom of our homepage. We also present on variety of topics at education conferences. Check out where we’ve been recently, here.

When is educationrickshaw?

We try to contribute at least a post a month, but we write when we feel the inspiration. Keep coming back, or follow us by e-mail, for more content!

Why is educationrickshaw?

This website was intended as a portfolio of our thoughts as we thought them. Over time, these thoughts have changed and we’re fine with that. We love education, we hate echo chambers and ideological purity, and we aim to be eclectic in our instruction.

Thanks for joining us!

Zach and Stephanie Groshell

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