We had such a fun time in professional learning last year at AEC 2016 in Johannesburg, South Africa that we decided to make our epic return! AEC 2017 was in Nairobi, Kenya, and it was truly a spectacular week of learning and presenting. Here are some articles and thoughts compiled from the wonderful experience.

Using the T3 Framework to Implement Sustainable Systemic Growth

Article: That digital program your school bought will never transform learning

Not bored, just acting crazy with @sonnymagana

Finding calm, focus and joy through mindfulness in the classroom

Resource: 10 Great Resources for Teaching Mindfulness

Article: 5 Reflection Activities to Help Students Glow and Grow

Zach and Stephanie with the fabulous Robyn Harwood (@rsharwood1)

Zach Groshell and Brad Arnold’s BLE Presentation at AEC 2017

Article: Evaluating Blended Learning Classroom Design

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It was a treat and a great opportunity to share my and Brad Arnold’s work with hardworking and reflective teachers!

If you ever have the chance to go to AEC, I highly recommend it. As this is Stephanie and my last year in Sudan, and we aren’t sure where our next wonderful school will be located, we really cherished being able to see some of these wonderful people again from all around the African international school circuit. We hope wherever we go next has a similar community of professionals that take their learning seriously!

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– Zach Groshell @mrzachg