When I was a young lad, I secretly made a list of three dreams that I wanted to accomplish before 30:

1. To marry a beautiful woman √
2. To dunk a basketball without having to use Flubber infused tacs, or even Flubber spray ×
3. To be featured in a recruitment video for an international school √

I may not have accomplished the 2nd of these three dreams yet, but I am happy to tell you all today that I am now in a recruitment video.

Click Here to See a Dream Come True

Dream big, people. Take risks. Make big choices. I am living freaking proof that if you care enough, work hard enough, and dream big enough, you can do anything #justdoit


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7 thoughts on “Teacher Dreams of Featuring in Recruitment Video, Succeeds

  1. Hey, you should have seen the out-takes! Zach in slo-mo running down the beach… Zach meeting President Obama… Zach speaking at the UN… Zach delivering a baby whilst simultaneously teaching 3 year olds calculus… Seriously, thanks so much for giving of your time and thoughts to support our school’s recruitment efforts. Much appreciated.

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