We’ve Arrived!

I am so looking forward to the opportunities to learn this week in Johannesburg for AISA conference 2016. For a learning event like this, it is important for us educators to be connected. For the adults in my life, I am mostly going to be using Twitter (@MrZachG) in combination with my class twitter account. For my school, I am going to be writing a series of posts on Google Sites in addition to here on education rickshaw, in addition to here on Sites.
But how to share this experience with my 10 year old students?
This bunch of Year 5 students are surprisingly keen on keeping connected throughout the conference. Before I left we discussed what the best way would be to exchange ideas and stay in touch, and students agreed that Seesaw would be the easiest and most fun way to do this.
My first post to students was simply the above #africaed photo, which I’ve posted here and onto Sites by simply pasting the provided embed code into the html editor (a really cool feature of Seesaw is the variety of ways to share!). I will save time by tweeting some of these posts directly from Seesaw so that my PLN and my school community can see what we’re up to.
I’m excited about this opportunity to share what I’m learning with you, wherever you are. Keep in touch! 

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