Take a look at this above screenshot, grabbed right off of my web browser. What do you see?

If you said, “I’m just seeing a black image”, you are dead wrong. If you said “unlimited potential”, you are correct. This is the latest edtech innovation that I have brought to my classroom, and it is revolutionizing how I teach.

Introducing Blank Black Page

Have you ever wanted to write on your whiteboard, but there is a blaring light shining right into your eyes? Does your projector have an automatic sleep mode that is blue and annoying? If either of these statements rings true for you, you need Blank Black Page.

Blank Black Page is literally just a blank black webpage that transforms your projectected display into a black image. It’s that simple. Whenever I want to switch between my projector and some writing (I don’t have a pull down screen thingie), I just pull up Blank Black Page, and away I go with writing.

If you have any other similarly simple innovations that are changing the world (please consider Blank Black Page as a non-example), share as a comment below, and keep coming back to!

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