I recently wrote a guest blog post on Mr. Hill’s Musings about how to overcome the challenges of living in a hardship post from the perspective of an international teacher. Please check it out! 

Article: Balancing work and play in the sands of Sudan


I’ve recently been intrigued by the concept of guest blogging. It allows long-form blogging to become more collaborative, but it connects people between PLNs that otherwise might not get the chance to share their ideas and perspectives.

I’ve also been thinking a lot lately about the unique opportunity I have this upcoming school year in my PYP school in Sudan. It is my third year there, and I’ve learned so much from the experiences in my personal and professional life. I was inspired to put together a list of tips and hints for how to balance work and leisure while living in the unique and often challenging context that is Sudan. Thanks to Adam Hill of Mr. Hill’s Musings, I was able to share it out to an audience that I might not normally reach.

If you have the chance, be sure to check it out!

Guest post: Balancing work and play in the sands of Sudan (by Zach Groshell)

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