I recently had the opportunity to sit and chat with Shane from The Ed Podcast, a show that focuses on conversations surrounding the teaching life and profession. It was a great experience, and one that I think documents pretty well where I am in my career at this moment in time.

Click here to listen to the episode_ Zach Groshell - Turning the Tables

Listening to podcasts like The EdPodcast are a great way for teachers to receive “PD on the go.” Listening to one in my car, or even between lessons, can often give me the inspiration I need to tackle my latest career project. To get started on Education Podcasts, check out Adam Hill’s post (with recommendations) on Mr. Hill’s Musings, here.

During the conversation, we covered topics such as international teaching vs. teaching in the US, the unique challenges of teaching and living in Sudan, our post After 100 Years of the Same Teaching Model It’s Time to Throw Out the Playbook, and a variety of current issues in education today.

Check it out! To listen, click here.

– Zach Groshell

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