I am very excited to announce that I am presenting with Bradley Busch and InnerDrive about cognitive load theory and its many applications to classroom teaching (register here or below). This comes at the heels of one of this blog’s most popular posts, How Cognitive Load Theory Changed My Teaching.

If you’re not yet familiar with InnerDrive, you’re missing out! InnerDrive offers extraordinary professional development opportunities that are – and this is key for me – based on the science of learning and instruction. Unlike other online CPD options, which are basically glorified slideshow presentations followed by multiple choice quizzes, the InnerDrive courses are high quality productions with visuals, activities, and concrete examples designed to encourage deep thinking about the concepts. I have personally completed three courses from their online academy and they are fantastic (and no, I’m not being paid to say that)! I am hoping that our upcoming webinar on cognitive load theory gives you a taste of what CPD can look like when the science of teaching and learning are the focus.

About this event

Cognitive Load Theory is one of the most popular and powerful psychological theories in education. Teachers worldwide are actively using the strategies based on it to improve their teaching. But what does the theory actually say and how can we use it?

In this online talk, Bradley Busch and Zach Groshell will discuss:

  • What Cognitive Load Theory is
  • The seminal studies on Cognitive Load Theory
  • Strategies based on the Redundancy Effect and the Split Attention Effect
  • A closer look at how Zach has revolutionised his teaching based on Cognitive Load Theory

The talk will be followed by the opportunity for a live Q&A with Bradley and Zach to discuss what you learnt.

Important information

  • This talk will happen online, on Zoom. A link will be sent to you after booking.
  • The talks will start at 4.00pm GMT and end at 5.30pm GMT. Please make note of your time zone.
  • A recording will be made available for 48 hours post-event.
  • The talk is £30 + VAT. The price also includes Eventbrite fees.

About the organisers

InnerDrive is a London-based teaching & learning company. We focus on turning psychological research into practical strategies and resources to help teachers and students learn, perform and feel better.

Zach Groshell is an experienced primary school teacher, having taught 2nd-5th grade in the USA, Vietnam, Sudan, and China. When COVID hit, Zach found himself back in his home state of Washington helping facilitate remote and hybrid learning as the Director of Educational Technology at a 6-12 independent school. Zach is currently completing the final requirements of a PhD in Education with a specialisation in instructional design. You can read his blog here.

Find out more about InnerDrive: https://www.innerdrive.co.uk/

Follow InnerDrive on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Inner_Drive

Follow Bradley on twitter: https://twitter.com/BradleyKBusch

Follow Zach on Twitter: https://twitter.com/mrzachg

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