As I enter into my 6th year of teaching, for the first time in my career I feel like I am not a novice teacher. When we play that ice breaker, “silently line up according to teaching experience”, I am increasingly assured a spot closer to the 50th percentile.


As I reevaluate what I wish to achieve moving forward with this profession, I feel it is important to take some time to reflect and remember why I got into teaching in the first place. I’ve found that one’s answer to this post’s titular question can be as diverse as my students.

I welcome readers to join us at in contemplating this question over the next few months in a series called “Why would anyone want to become a teacher?”. We will explore through real interviews the diverse perspectives of future teachers, newly qualified teachers, and veteran teachers, and ask them the all-important question: Why did you become a teacher? 

Interview 1: Student teacher

FullSizeRender 3
Lilly Hasenkopf, 21
University of Alabama
Elementary Education

Interview 2: Newly Qualified Teacher

Lorraine profile
Full name: Lorraine Sabbagh
Years teaching: 1.3
Teaching Certification Program: PGCEi

Interview 3: Veteran Teacher Coming soon!

Screen Shot 2017-07-15 at 8.39.26 AM

Be sure to keep checking in to see what cool interviews we can put together over the next few months, and join our Facebook group, Over-Posting Educators!

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10 thoughts on “Why would anyone want to become a teacher?

  1. For me, teaching is my passion. Still after almost 50 years later of teaching German and retired for two years, I can still say it is my passion. I had the privilege of being a Fulbright teacher in Germany for two years as well. My book has an entire section devoted to teaching and living in Germany with our two children. Teachers make a difference in the lives of others. Why not be a teacher!


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