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Just a few weeks ago, EducationRickshaw hit its 100th post milestone with the article After 100 Years of the Same Teaching Model It’s Time to Throw Out the Playbook. While we didn’t think it was a very controversial post when we wrote it, it spawned a huge Twitter war across multiple threads that you can join here and here if you wish. I’m not sure I can recommend it.

Perhaps it was the confluence of so many things happening at once – our blog going viral, the holiday season approaching, ailing family members and departing students, my and Stephanie’s trip back for Christmas and our eventual departure from Khartoum lingering in our minds – that has made me stop to pause and reflect on the journey.

Just a few days ago I was contacted by a new blog, Tales of Learners, and was asked to share some my experiences as a learner and teacher in an online interview. If you have checked out our growing series on Why would anyone want to become a teacher?, both series share my interest in why teachers become teachers, how we view teaching, and how students might best learn. I think that this interview, titled Zach Groshell’s tale (epic, I know), however naive or poorly wordsmithed my responses might sound, represents an important reference point or snapshot for what is my 6th year of teaching in elementary schools. Check out the interview, if only to give Tales of Learners a bit if a boost right before teachers trade social media consumption for Christmas ham consumption.

You've been Accepted PHD
Dr. Secret Mystery Badge, PhD 👨‍🎓

You might be asking yourself, “What’s the deal with the ‘You’ve Been Accepted, Yay!’ badge”? This little ditty was just sent to my inbox, and I’m going keep it a secret from this blog’s followers until I can wrap my head around what it means to be a doctoral student and how I might pay my first bill towards a PhD in Instructional Design 🤔


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– Zach Groshell @MrZachG

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