In this episode, I will be speaking with Rod Naquin and North Landesman, two fantastic educators who are going to be talking to us about the researchED conference that was held in Frederick, Maryland, back in October.

For listeners who are unfamiliar with researchED, it is a UK-based organization that puts on affordable, evidence-informed conferences all over the world. According to the researchED website, the goal of researchED is to bridge the gap between research and practice in education. The conference that was held in Frederick this October, which was dubbed researchFRED, was particularly significant because it was the first in-person researchED conference to take place in the US since before COVID.

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As someone who routinely grumbles on this podcast about the terrible PD I’ve received in my career on topics such as learning styles, factory model education, and what North will call “feelings-based” teaching, researchED is right up my alley. Of course, Twitter being Twitter, people have been known to lob their criticisms at researchED from time to time, most of which tend to come off as conspiratorial or just plain weird. I mean, what could be so wrong with a bunch of teachers meeting in an empty school on a weekend to talk about dual coding and retrieval practice? And for 45 bucks, no less? We’ll get into all of this and more in this exciting episode – the 16th of this season, in fact – featuring Rod Naquin and North Landesman.

Rod: Twitter | Blog on Substack

North: Twitter

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