I have a very special guest for you this week! Dr. Marcy Stein, professor emeritus and lead author of Direct Instruction Mathematics, came on the Progressively Incorrect podcast to talk to us about Project Follow Through and Zig Engelmann’s Direct Instruction programs.

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This is a fantastic episode that had me thinking about the importance of using well-designed instructional materials, and questioning the prevailing view in education that teachers should be instructional designers who plan lessons from scratch. Dr. Stein also goes into some of the common myths and misconceptions that people have around Direct Instruction, including that it is all lecturing, and the belief that scripted lessons take away the excitement of teaching. Dr. Stein is one of the OGs of Direct Instruction and I was extremely grateful to be able to ask her all of my burning questions about her area of expertise. Please hit subscribe, give Progressively Incorrect a 5-star rating, and check out Dr. Stein’s list of fabulous resources below.

Resources/Links from Dr. Marcy Stein:

National Institute for Direct Instruction (NIFDI)

YouTube – Direct Instruction: A Retrospective

YouTube – Direct Instruction Arithmetic (from 1966)

YouTube – The Science of Science Communication – National Academy of Sciences

David Klahr, PhD

AMAZON:  Books about DI

Direct Instruction Reading

Direct Instruction Mathematics

Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons

BOOK:  All Student Can Succeed: A Half Century of Research on the Effectiveness of Direct Instruction

ARTICLE:  Stockard, J., Wood, T. W., Coughlin, C., & Rasplica Khoury, C. (2018). The effectiveness of direct instruction curricula: A meta-analysis of a half century of research. Review of Educational Research88(4), 479-507.

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