Sometimes the most useful tools are also the simplest. This rings true with e-link. I’ve already talked about e-link in the past, and I am happy to say that I am still using it. It is the easiest way I have found to give students a bunch of great URLs on one, quick embeddable webpage. Here are some that I have made so far:

Coding Station



Hour of Code on is great, but I wanted to give certain ones to my students all at once. This e-link, made in under 5 minutes, provides students with four of the hours of code so that they can easily go to the next one once they have earned their certificates.

Wonder Wallscreen-shot-2016-11-08-at-6-36-52-pm


Ever wanted to put all of the best kid-friendly search or research websites all on one page? Ever wanted to keep that page and embed it anywhere you want? E-link makes this really easy to do.

Count By Videosscreen-shot-2016-11-08-at-6-37-04-pm


All of students’ favorite videos for learning their multiples. Before this e-link, I would just show the different videos one by one, starting with the 3’s in my grade. What was surprising was that many students are now taking the initiative to learn them all on their own at home, just because I set up an easy page for them to use.

Unit of Study Newsletter


This year I have put all of the great articles that either I or my students have found that have to do with my Unit of Inquiry onto an embeddable e-link. Again, amazingly, some students have begun to read these on their own volition just because they are made available in an easy and attractive way.

Keep coming back to for more teaching ideas!

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