I’m (Zach) excited to share that I will be presenting at yet another conference, this time at Learning2 in Nanjing, China. Take a look at the description of the workshop below, which I hope will merge some of my passion for utilizing research to inform teaching with my work in creativity. Hope to see you there!

The Cognitive Science of Creative Subjects

ZACH GROSHELL – Nanjing International School

Session Audience:

Whole School

Session Goals:

Participants will learn about key cognitive science principles as they relate to the creative classroom.How we think, know, and remember.

Session Outcomes:

  • Discuss a variety of cognitive science principles and how they come into play in the creative classroom.
  • Conduct a variety of simple experiments on themselves to confirm cognitive science principles and theories.
  • Use Little Bits, Legos, and other design tools and materials to investigate and confirm cognitive science principles and theories.
  • Engage in current peer-reviewed research literature in cognitive science, presented in APA formatting, from this doctoral student.

Presenter Bio:

Zach Groshell is a PYP Design teacher at Nanjing International School. He has previously worked as an elementary teacher in the USA and Vietnam, as well as an instructional coach and elementary teacher in Sudan. At past conferences, Zach has presented on blended learning, classroom environment design, and design thinking and has an active professional presence on Twitter and his website, educationrickshaw.com. He is currently working on his PhD in Instructional Design for Online Learning and can often be found playing video games with one hand while finishing his annotated bibliography with the other. Zach enjoys traveling and discovering new foods with his wife, Stephanie, and his daughter June.

Click here to go to the Learning2 Asia teacher-led workshop page.

More on why teachers should learn basic cognitive science here.

Here’s the slideshow for the presentation:

The Cognitive Science of Creative Subjects – Zach Groshell

– Zach Groshell @mrzachg

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