In this episode of Progressively Incorrect, I’m joined by Tracing Woodgrains. Trace is the Chief of Staff for Blocked and Reported, a show that bills itself as “a podcast about dumb internet garbage.” As someone who is unusually interested in the myths and mumbo jumbo of our dear teaching profession, I was honored that Trace was able dig himself out of the underbelly of the internet just long enough to record this episode about his investigations pertaining to education.

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This episode feels a bit more “journalism-y” than past episodes, as we’ll go through Trace’s reporting on topics ranging from the Biden administration’s policies surrounding student loan forgiveness, the evidence behind tracking and gifted programs, and our old friend, Project Follow Through. This was such a fun conversation to record and edit, so I’ll be quiet now and let you listen in to the fantastically insightful, Tracing Woodgrains.

Follow Trace on Twitter: @tracewoodgrains

And read Trace’s writing on his Substack

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