A common problem for me as a non-Arabic speaking Khawaja in #Sudan is that many restaurants do not have English language translations. After having one of the best shawarmas in the city just a few months ago, but only being able to say “shawarma jumbo”, I was naturally curious to find out what else was on the menu.

That’s where my students came in. In short, here’s how they did it.

  1. I took a picture with my iPad and uploaded it to their Arabic folders on Seesaw (Teacher Tool Kit For Seesaw)
  2. Students uploaded the photo onto Explain Everything and edited the photo to include English titles.

3. Non-arabic speaking students were partnered with native speakers to improve their arabic and check the accuracy of the translations.

4. Menus were printed out, laminated and brought to restaurant, address below for those that are in desperate need of shawarmas the next time you’re in Khartoum.



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